CopperX is our Open Innovation unit. Collaboration, Co-Creation, Global Impact.

Our focus? Think 24/7 about high impact antimicrobial solutions for the 3D printing industry but also for other applications outside of 3D printing world.
Our Cuprionix portfolio of antimicrobial additives can be combined with a wide range of materials to create a endless multi-industry solutions.
Do you want to develop a new antimicrobial product with scientifically validated and certified additives and materials?

A new antimicrobial paint? A new type of polymer for a very specific medical or industrial application? Or maybe you are thinking of an antimicrobial packaging that can solve a big problem in the food industry?
This is our specialty. Co-design and co-development of new antimicrobial solutions for new global needs.

A new context, new challenges

Many things have changed since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in early 2020.
Today there is a worldwide awareness of the importance of taking all the necessary measures to protect us from dangerous microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria.
In this new context there are many challenges in different industries and we want to play an important role in bacterial and viral control in different contexts and environments such as:

  • Contaminated surfaces in airports and airplanes
  • Public ground transportation
  • Workplaces and Offices
  • Food Packaging
  • industrial production lines
  • Automotive Industry
  • Mom & Baby Appliances
  • Toy’s industry
  • Mass consumer products
Can you imagine a cleaner, safer and germ-free world?
We can approach this vision of the future by hacking the materials and objects that surround us with Cuprionix’s portfolio of antimicrobial additives.
Do you have some high impact ideas in mind?
Let’s talk and make it happen!

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