Hospital-acquired infections are a problem

Hospital-acquired infections are a problem that every year, according to the WHO, affects hundreds of millions of people worldwide, resulting in more days of hospital stay, aggravation of “simple” clinical symptoms, generating disabilities and millions of deaths. The economic costs worldwide are practically incalculable.
A simple medical device like a surgical clamp can even kill a person if it is contaminated.
The clip of the photo was 3D printed in its entirety with our Antibacterial Material PLACTIVE AN3.
Tests carried out by the Microbiology Lab. of the PUCV confirm that objects like this, printed in 3D with our material, manage to eliminate very dangerous bacterial strains such as Staphylococcus Aureus and Escherichia Coli up to 97% at 6 hours and 99% at 24 hours.
An innovation that generates a new standard in 3D printing of Medical Devices, which aligns with the new regulations of the FDA (FDA-2016-D-1210) and especially in the face of the safety of our patients.