Colon cancer is one of the types of cancer of greater increase in recent years.
Colostomy is a common procedure in patients who have suffered colon cancer and allows the remnant colon to be joined with the abdominal wall, where the intestinal transit is diverted to the outside to be collected outside the body.
This implies a great challenge since the colostomy plate is a source of infection since it is directly and permanently in contact with a large bacterial burden.
If these plates were made with an antibacterial material, the rate of complications and infections would be drastically reduced (We have not done the corresponding study, we are happy to collaborate with an institution that wants to innovate and investigate).
In addition, these plastic parts can be made to measure for the patient and have a much longer life due to the fact that they are antibacterial, which would greatly reduce the cost of treatment in colostomized patients. On the open source platform under the name of “Colostomy” one can download for free 4 related designs.