ANTIBACTERIAL 3D PRINTED SURGICAL SEPARATOR Surgical separators are key pieces in any operating room in the world. Historically, they have been manufactured in stainless steel, but since it is a “passive” material, it allows to colonize quickly in the presence of even a minimal amount of microorganisms. A study published in the Journal of Surgical Research by the department of surgery of the U. of Arizona: ( concluded that these pieces can be perfectly manufactured with 3D printing, they take about 90 minutes to built, the final piece easily supports the forces necessary to fulfill its function within an operating room (+ 13Kg of Tangential Force) and only at ONE TENTH of the cost of the original piece of steel. If in addition to all these attributes, we add ANTIBACTERIAL and REUSABLE if manufactured with PLACTIVE OR NANOCLEAN (, so we have a new class of surgical, functional, cost-effective, in-situ manufacturing, customizable, reusable separators , that do not need sterilization and completely antibacterial since they are manufactured with an ACTIVE material. #Antibacterial3DPrinting